A Day in Seclusion

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2 min readApr 25, 2022


By Poorvi Singhal
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The world is under a delusion. It believes that a day in seclusion is societal aversion. It’s a bubble we have to pop, a myth we need to debunk.

A day, just one in seclusion can offer us perspective; for when we are at our own disposal, the mind is ready to traverse beyond the status quo.

24, mere 24 hours of keeping the world at an arm’s length can bestow upon us the ability to dive deep into ourselves and introspect. We stand erected in front of ourselves to pick, point and ponder upon our actions, fallacies, and possible refinements. In this moment of serendipity, we share breaths with our deepest selves and firmly hold hands with our roots.

A day away is potent enough to acquaint us with our truest emotions. In this spur of time, they are tactile as never before, tangible as they had never been.

This time off can ignite our sparks of imagination and creativity to let the mind explore the depths of art, life, and more. It can give us the energy of a child, one that got long lost in us, amidst the hubbub. This day away can be our digital detox to bring back peace to our minds.

Most of all, these moments of isolation will make us cherish our ‘me-time’. It’s ours and only ours to keep. It’s our safe space, our zone, and our home.

So, let’s take a leap and be bellwethers of change. Let’s profess the idea that ‘A day alone does not make us a loner’.



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