Every ending has a new beginning…

I was an introvert who always dreamt of a stable career. After completing college, I had mixed feelings and was not sure about what to opt for. Seeing my interest at that time, Corporate Communication and Public Relations felt like a good choice. I applied to the best colleges, but in vain- as I didn’t crack the exams. My world shattered, and it seemed like everything was coming to an end.

And then finally, I got into a college in Mumbai. But my problems didn’t end here. I had to fight with my family to apply for the PR course, a career I was sure about wanting.

But like it is said, when one door closes, several more open.
A girl who was an introvert and dreamt of a stable career had decided to take the unconventional route.

Alongside college, I soon started interning with a reputation management company. And eventually, I started spending more time on travel and less time at work. The internship gave me an irreplaceable on-ground experience in the industry something which wasn’t being taught in college. Within seven months, I realized that PR is not something I would like to pursue for the rest of my life. But this time, instead of ending up in shambles, I felt a sense of accomplishment.

I found a new mantra in life- If you are unsure about what you want to do, keep trying different things and identify the tasks you don’t like.

In Mumbai, my life was moving at the speed of a bullet train which left me with no time to analyze my choices and learnings. So after college, I took a break to encapsulate my personal growth. I explored the city, learned about the culture, and had long conversations with people from different walks of life.

Finally, I decided to try my luck in advertising and applied to Publicis worldwide. And was I overwhelmed on my first day at work! When I looked around the office, I felt excited to work with some top-notch brands in the industry. I can’t say how much Publicis helped me with my career, but I can bet that I met the best minds and people.

As shocked you would be reading this, honestly, I was not. I had figured out another career option I didn’t want to pursue. Mainline advertising didn’t work well with me because of the amount of madness it holds.

I had always been fascinated with corporates. Hence I joined Reliance Industries after three months at Publicis. Initially, it was all good. But, I soon found myself wondering if I had taken the plunge in a hurry. I was interning in branding, and Reliance, being in the industry for a long time, doesn’t often play with branding. Being a fresher in a big company, I wasn’t too involved in the projects either and was majorly doing the research work. My three months at the company didn’t contribute much towards my exposure.

Nevertheless, after having worked with a startup, an advertising agency, and also a corporate, I decided to work in Digital Marketing. This time, I was sure that this was a place where I would love to build my career.

Though I only had basic knowledge about the industry, I started applying to multiple agencies. And I finally got my first job in Kinnect as an account executive. That one and a half years was a roller coaster ride where I worked on Pan India level brands and learned about many aspects of the industry, which helped me grow my personality and confidence.

And today, I can proudly call myself a social media manager, a brand strategist, and a writer too. But my thirst to achieve my goals doesn’t quench here, as there’s still a lot to learn and explore- and always will be.

That is how every ending took me to a new beginning!

— Anushka Somani
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