Manufacturing Autonomy

“Alabama’s state motto is “We Dare Defend Our Rights,” and today we have taken a strong step toward defending the rights of the unborn. With liberal states approving radical late-term and post-birth abortions, Roe must be challenged, and I am proud that Alabama is leading the way.”
Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth

“Life is a gift of our creator and we must do everything that we can to protect life. And if it is a couple of million dollars, that is a small, small price for those lives.”
Sen. Clyde Chambliss, R-Prattville

The quotes mentioned above are a very minor representation of the thought process that has gone into the making of the Abortion Bills in the states of Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Ohio. I, as a woman, have often wondered over my rights as an individual, and on even more basic terms, a human being. And most of the time the answers to my questions are unfavorable but the news of these bills turning into legal laws caught me by 1. Sheer shock and 2. Utter disgust.

The bill on the very fundamentals gives a woman lesser rights over her own body than the fetus inside of her. This does not just sound absurd but also oppressive and outrageously sexist. Granting “personhood” (the quality or condition of being an individual person.) to a six-week-old fetus is not just biologically incorrect but also very much irrelevant to the simple matter of control a woman should have over her body.

When you see these laws being formed a lot of things run through your mind, a lot of questions about a lot of things. One of those being, who formed them. And when you realize a majority of men are forming laws about women’s bodies it puts you in a place where you are genuinely questioning your position in this society.

It is not rocket science, “men are not entitled to make laws about women’s bodies.”

Then there is another disturbing factor of not keeping incest and rape as exceptions to these laws. In the words of Brandon McCarthy, “there’s not a single thing in this world a male could experience that would even come close to the indignity of being legally forced to carry your rapist’s baby to term.”.

The entire idea of these laws only reinforces a basic disgusting problem faced by women for years. The idea of them not being human enough to make decisions about their own human bodies and lives.

I, being a woman, want to end this by saying there is no debate. This is no question. Let women choose their choices. Period.

— Saloni
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